4 Ways to keep Area Rugs neat...

The right area rug can tie your room together. It can also become a magnet for dirt, stains and microorganisms such as mold spores, which is why it’s important to give these rugs regular cleanings. Hiring a Melbourne area rug cleaning service can help, but there are also things you do yourself to keep your rugs looking fresh.

1 – Routine vacuuming

Vacuum your rugs once a week — at least — to suck up dust, dirt and debris, keeping it from being ground into the carpeting fibers by foot traffic. Before you plug in your vacuum cleaner, shake out the rug to loosen dirt or grit inside the fibers to help the vacuum pick them up. Try to use a suction-based vacuum cleaner instead of the rotary-brush variety. You may want to consider sprinkling the rug with an antibacterial powder. Just test it on a small section of the rug to make sure it won’t damage the material. About once a month, flip the rug over and vacuum the underside as well.

2 – Don’t wait on spills

The moment something spills onto your rug, soak it up as soon as possible to prevent it from seeping into the fabric. Blot the area with the spill with a damp white cotton cloth, repeating this motion until you’ve absorbed the liquid. Don’t rub, as this can damage the rug. Leave the rug to fully dry — a process that can take three or four hours — after you’ve cleaned up the spill before returning it to the floor.

3 – Stain fighters

If a spill becomes a stain, don’t panic. Put together a mix of white wine vinegar, dish soap and warm water and you’ll be able to tackle notorious stains such as coffee, red wine or mud, although your best approach with mud is to allow it to dry and vacuum it prior to cleaning. Some rug materials resist stains better than others. Manmade fibres work best, while nylon rugs require steam cleaning.

4 – Pet protection

Does your dog spend a lot of time camped out on your area rug? You can keep it safe and reduce pet-related damage by picking rugs designed for cat or dog families. Look for rugs that have shorter piles and darker colors to help mask teeth or claw marks.

Melbourne Rug Masters area rug cleaning

Cleaning your area rugs can be a huge chore for homeowners looking to keep their living areas clean. Your area rug can actually be one of the dirtiest places in the home, as it may not get cleaned as often as other surfaces.

It can be inconvenient, trying to clean these rugs, as it often involves moving furniture and tables and then putting them back.

That’s where Melbourne Rug Masters area rug cleaning service comes in. Let us take care of the logistics of rug cleaning and perform a range of deep cleaning methods to free your rug of bacteria, dust and other allergens so you can rest easy. Contact us today to learn more about our Ringwood area rug cleaning capabilities.

Our Rug Cleaning Company has managed to build a remarkable reputation in the professional field of Persian Rug Cleaning. Located in Ringwood and servicing Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs and the Yarra Valley, we undertake the tasks of cleaning unique traditional, tribal, modern, handmade and machine made rugs alike.

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