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Rug Spa Process

Using the wrong method can do serious harm to your precious rug and a high percentage of our work is fixing damage left behind by other ‘experts’ in the field.

Professional cleaning steps are as follow:

1. Your rugs will be thoroughly inspected prior to any cleaning and repairs work being carried out.

2. Dyes will be assessed for stability and rug will be checked for signs of any existing circumstances or damages.

3. The most significant step of our rug cleaning process is using a vibrating brush; we will remove any deep built-in dust and sand from the pile of the rug.

4. Submerged washing takes place using a specialized cleaning solution tailored for the cleaning of your rug.

5. Your rug then will be rinsed, excess water extracted in and left to dry naturally or if required, we use our specialized drying air movers.

6. Only after your rug is completely dry it will be dusted again to remove any remaining grit that is been loosened as a result of the rug cleaning process.

7. Finally your rug will be post inspected and professionally wrapped prior to delivery.

We offer highest quality service for cleaning rugs and pride ourselves on providing an honest, trustworthy and approachable service throughout every aspect of our business.

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